Weathertrol was established in 1969 to serve the needs of the HVAC industry in the growing South Florida metropolitan area. Founded by Isidro Borja, a mechanical engineer with a background in sugar refinery operations, the company began as a small shop providing repair and service for air conditioning systems.

As the company grew, we acquired expertise in HVAC services and equipment for commercial and industrial facilities. We eventually developed the capabilities to implement and manage large-scale construction and installation projects, retrofits and systems engineering, becoming a complete turnkey mechanical services company.

Now in business for over 40 years and in our second generation of leadership, we remain an independent company. We have a strong track record of client satisfaction and a varied portfolio of many high-profile companies. Looking forward, we are committed to becoming the area’s leading building-systems consultants with a focus on increasing energy efficiency and optimizing system performance.

As the premier HVAC and energy-services engineering and maintenance specialist serving South Florida, Weathertrol was founded over 40 years ago on a principle of unparalleled customer service, dependability, and integrity. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients, and strive to maximize equipment life and the efficiency of system operations. We are an independent, family-owned and operated, one-stop shop with a mission to provide comfortable, safe indoor environments for people to live, work and play.

Since 1969, achieving peak performance for our clients’ HVAC systems is our main goal, and today we combine relevant technology, LEED expertise, and innovative processes to deliver exceptional value, service and industry-best response time. Our four-decade track record of design, construction, maintenance and operation of HVAC systems for large commercial, industrial and government buildings has led to unequaled experience and expertise. We seek to employ next-generation mechanical solutions to drive HVAC optimal productivity and energy efficiency.

Core values

Values, true to the core, should always be forever:

  • People are the only resource we have to make us unique. Our successes and failures are the sole results of our choices. Be at your best, be at “we.”
  • Service is the reason why our company was born. To serve our customers, co-workers and other stakeholders better than anyone thinks possible is what consumes our efforts.
  • Honesty and integrity in all of our actions is fundamental. Trust takes a lifetime to build, but only a second to lose – so we guard it closely every day.
  • “Adelante” is to reach and strive ever forward. True leaders seek to grow, learn, adapt, innovate and improve every day – just because it is a noble undertaking.
  • Profitability is not just about money. It’s the scoreboard that tells us if we are providing a winning solution to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

A team of great people with an obsession to serve others, who look to advance themselves honestly and ethically, will create a tangible return on investment for everyone involved in their lives.


An HVAC system operating at its peak performance is one of the most vital components of any building. No matter the age or type of system, without accurate monitoring by knowledgeable professionals and the right preventive maintenance approach, the system will fail to meet its potential and potentially fail at any time. Weathertrol helps protect and get the most out of your substantial investment.

Weathertrol offers a wide variety of service contracts that suit the individual needs and requirements of our customers, ranging from simple preventive maintenance agreements to full maintenance contracts. Regularly scheduled visits to service the equipment under contract not only lengthen the life of the equipment, but also help to ensure the lowest possible cost of operation.

Our Service & Maintenance programs include:
  • Inspection Agreement
  • Labor Agreement
  • Full Maintenance Agreement

Construction & Design

Pumps. Variable air boxes, with fans and without. Chilling towers and air handling units. An HVAC system is a complex eco-system consisting of many interrelated parts. Capturing all of the pieces effectively and

cost-efficiently is a challenge for any construction project or design management team. Depend on Weathertrol to expertly guide you through the construction, design and installation process.

Our experienced teams are capable of handling installations for all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Weathertrol leverages the latest technologies for estimating, scheduling and project management to deliver the highest results at the most value-based costs. With over 40 years of experience executing quality projects, ranging from light commercial to the largest chill water utility plants, we provide turnkey solutions and solid ROI for all HVAC projects.

Our Construction & Design capabilities include:

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Design-Build Services
  • Estimation/Planning/Scheduling
  • Engineering & Design
  • Computer Aided Design & Drafting
  • Pipe & Metal Fabrication
  • Building Management Control Systems
  • Demolition & Disposal of Equipment
  • Ductwork & Insulation

Retrofit & Replacement

Even with the best maintenance programs, building HVAC systems will deteriorate with time. Owners must make important decisions about whether to repair or replace existing equipment. The advent of new technologies and digital controls, new refrigerants and new building codes makes equipment replacement viable and economically sound. Often, rebate programs are available from local utilities, which lower the payback period.

Weathertrol provides customers with more than 40 years of experience in retrofitting mechanical equipment and guiding our client through the process to devise the right retrofit plan to ensure continued optimal system performance.

Our Retrofit & Replacement capabilities include:
  • Mechanical equipment retrofitting
  • Refrigerant management and retrofit

Energy Management

Struggling with rising operating costs? Weathertrol can help. Our experienced staff of professional engineers and technicians is skilled at leveraging next-generation technologies to improve the operation of your HVAC systems. Weathertrol has the right solution for energy savings, and for interfacing with other building control systems to lower usage and costs. To ensure the highest level of results for our customers, Weathertrol has partnered with leading systems specialists and advanced digital control manufacturers. We are able to tailor systems and programs that meet the individual needs of each customer.

Our value-added Energy Management capabilities include:
  • Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Building Auditing
  • Controls Energy Management
  • Utility-Bill Analysis
  • Building Energy Analytics
  • Building Energy Auditing
  • Building Energy Efficiency
  • Building Energy Management


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